Education projects of Prayatn

Prayatn attempts to meet the educational needs of all age groups through formal education program, Non Formal education and school support program. The objectives of the educational programme are:- 1. Ensuring access to Education. 2. Achievement of age appropriate levels of learning. 3. Retaining children in schools and preventing dropouts.

Seth Vidyalaya

Educational intervention of Prayatn is aimed at creating low cost quality educational institutions in slums/resettlement colonies of Delhi. Prayatn has been running a co-educational primary school Seth Vidyalaya since 2002 in Madanpur Khadar, which is imparting low cost quality education to 600 children of JJ cluster, Madanpur Khadar. The objective is to ensure achievement of age appropriate levels of learning, increasing retention leading to completion of primary school cycle. Holistic development of the children is the prime concern of Seth Vidyalaya. Students participate in co- curricular /extracurricular and sports activities for all overall/personality development of children. All-round development of the children through participation & learning by doing is the approach followed in school. The school ensures personal monitoring at all levels.

Scholarship Scheme for Meritorious Students

Scholarship for meritorious students who belong to economically weaker section is awarded to four students of class V who excel in their class every year. The initiative was started from April 2017-18 when two girl students were declared toppers of their batch. These girls were helped to secure admission in Lady Irwin School in class VI, but their parents were reluctant to send them to the far off school because they were unable to pay the transport charges. It was this thought which made the School Management Committee to take a decision to provide scholarship @ Rs 1,000/-pm to toppers of class V for a period of one year for continuing their education towards fees/ transport charges/ uniform / books. Since then every year four new students who obtain first or second position are awarded this scholarship and the same is extended every year to these students subject to their obtaining more than 60% marks in their final result. Many Individual donors are contributing towards scholarship. 24 students are presently awarded scholarship amount of rs.12, 000/-p.a.

Project Savera - Seth Vidyalaya (Evening)

Prayatn had initiated an Education Project Savera in May 2017 in Madanpur khadhar. Children attending non formal education classes under project Savera and Going to School Education for All after having achieved a level of functional literacy of a class, were to be admitted in formal govt. or private school for completing their primary education. But 50% of the students could not get admission in the government school for want of necessary documents (Aadhar Card/ Identity proof). These children were enrolled in the evening shift in Seth Vidyalaya and a primary school with 212 school students (120 boys and 92 girls) are presently availing the educational facilities under the Project Savera.The curriculum followed is as per MCD schools and co-curricular activities conducted in the school are the same as in the morning shift.

School Support Program (Remedial Education)

Children who are mainstreamed in formal govt. or private school for completing their primary education are provided academic support after school hours in the age group 6 to 14 years. Remedial teaching/coaching supplemented by additional inputs in learning under continuous guidance and supervision of experienced teacher are provided to students who are weak in studies to help children in coping up with their studies, to prevent school dropouts and ensure retention of children in schools and achievement of essential levels of learning.