Women development projects of Prayatn

Conscious efforts at strengthening the abilities of women to participate as equals in mainstream society has been Prayatn’s intention from its very inception. Transformative changes have been accomplished, women are more aware of their rights than ever before. Violence against women is a major area of concern for Prayatn, conscious efforts to prevent and reduce violence against women have been attempted through its community based interventions such as- Crisis Management Center and Mahila Panchayat.

Addressing Gender Based Violence in Communities by Comprehensive Care and Support to Women Survivors.

Prayatn with support from Azim Prem ji Foundation initiated a project Addressing gender based violence in communities since July2019. The three year project was to conclude in june2022 but not only it was extended for three months but with the addition of several new components and extended outreach, the project Addressing Gender Based Violence in Communities by Comprehensive Care and  Support to Women Survivor has been approved for a period of five years from October 2022. The new components added to the earlier project comprises of establishing two Community Resource Centers (CRC) one each in Madanpur Khadar and Nizzamuddin. Another important intervention is promoting gender equitable relationships and services to combat gender- based violence through the establishment of three new Mahila Panchayat groups with 25 members each in new project areas: Sriniwaspuri, Sanjay colony, Okhla Ph-II, and Gautam Puri.